Global, regional, and subregional classification of abortions by safety, 2010–14: estimates from a Bayesian hierarchical model (Ganatra et al)




Global estimates of unsafe abortions have been produced for 1995, 2003, and 2008. However, reconceptualisation of the framework and methods for estimating abortion safety is needed owing to the increased availability of simple methods for safe abortion (eg, medical abortion), the increasingly widespread use of misoprostol outside formal health systems in contexts where abortion is legally restricted, and the need to account for the multiple factors that affect abortion safety.

Dr Bela Ganatra, MD; Caitlin Gerdts, PhD; Clémentine Rossier, PhD; Brooke Ronald Johnson Jr, PhD; Özge Tunçalp, MD; Anisa Assifi, MPH; Gilda Sedgh, ScD; Susheela Singh, PhD; Akinrinola Bankole, PhD; Anna Popinchalk, MPH; Jonathan Bearak, PhD; Zhenning Kang, BBA; Leontine Alkema, PhD