Transformative accountability for adolescents (IAP)

Annual report 2017 

Transformative accountability for adolescents

Accountability for the Health and Human Rights of Women, Children and Adolescents in the 2030 Agenda 

The IAP report calls for swift paradigm shifts to transform accountability to propel progress forward for humanity under the Global Strategy and the SDGs. It also underscores that without independent accountability and citizen engagement, there can be no genuine accountability, and promises lose their meaning.


The report is an urgent call on all stakeholders to make adolescents visible, to count them in, and to invest in them now. Accountability to adolescents is fragile and needs special attention. It needs to be strengthened, including by engaging young people in decision-making as key informants and experts, to ensure effective policies and investments that deliver for and with them.


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  • Transformative accountability for adolescents (IAP)