International Summit on Reproductive Choice


Select Proceedings from Lisbon 2014:An International Summit on Reproductive Choice. BPAS. 2014.


3 Ann Furedi, Jon O’Brien and Duarte Vilar.

7 London Declaration of Pro-Choice Principles.

8 Is One of These Things Not Just Like the Other?

Why Abortion Can’t Be Separated from Contraception.

Beverly Winikoff, Gynuity Health Projects, US.

13 Later Abortion: What Makes It Difficult?

Ellie Lee, University of Kent, UK.

20 Fetal Pain: What We Know, What We Believe,

And What This Means For Abortion.

Stuart Derbyshire, National University of Singapore.

25 Selective Abortion For Fetal Anomaly:

The Perspective Of A Support Organization.

Jane Fisher, Antenatal Results & Choices, UK.

31 Sex Selection: The Uneasy Choice.

Suchitra Dalvie, Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, India.

35 Replacing Myths With Facts:

Sex-Selective Abortion Laws In The United States.

Miriam Yeung, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, US.

40 Not Only Abortion: Wider Reproductive Choice Issues.


Marlene Gerber Fried, Hampshire College, US.