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Post-truth and setbacks

Post-truth and Setbacks
An Analysis of Anti-choice Groups Discourse Strategies during the Legislative Debate on Abortion in Argentina

Authors: Maïte Karstanje, Nadia Ferrari & Zoe Verón
Year: December 2019
Lenguage: English 
Pages: 39

In 2018, Argentina underwent a historical debate on the right to abortion. Over a period of three months, 845 speakers both for and against legalization expressed their opinions and presented their knowledge at the committees plenary sessions of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, and 235 legislators expressed their conclusions during the voting sessions in those Chambers. Despite the Senates rejection of the Bill, over a year after the debate, the social interest and mobilization that resulted from it still persist. However, together with the "green wave" and the social decriminalization of abortion, some conservative and even reactionary demands and anti-choice movements appeared and gained visibility both in Argentina and throughout the region. In order for us to act against those anti-choice groups in a coordinated and organized manner, we must know their strategies and arguments. This document compiles their discourse strategies during the legislative debate which took place in Argentina between April and August, 2018. We hope it will contribute to the social and legislative debates in Latin America and to the continued growth of the "green wave."