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New global medical abortion database launched to increase safe abortion access for women

The International Planned Parenthood Federation today launched – the Medical Abortion Commodities Database, which houses information on the availability of quality misoprostol, mifepristone and co-packaged mifepristone and misoprostol (combipacks) at national level. 

The database is a resource for public health professionals seeking information to inform policy and use in reproductive health care programmes. These include public health and service delivery managers, staff involved in safe abortion programmes, donors funding projects on safe abortion and maternal health, policy analysts, clinical service providers and supply chain logisticians. IPPF worked closely with Gynuity Health Projects and Concept Foundation to develop this database to help increase the availability of and access to safe abortion care. includes information on brands of mifepristone, misoprostol or combipacks that are registered and available in a country and – for brands of misoprostol and combipacks – have sufficient and objective evidence to indicate they are of good quality. 

Dr Alvaro Bermejo, IPPF Director-General, said:

“A woman controlling her body is a woman controlling her life and building her future. Access to safe and legal abortion saves lives. This means working to enable those on the frontline to give women more options when they need it most. We are delighted to launch this database. It will enable those working on safe abortion to identify, select and procure quality commodities that can be used to provide women with safe medical abortion services.” 


The database provides collated information on the products that are available in each country. It does not provide counselling, clinical assessments, dosing regimens or other information that is essential for a quality medical abortion service as defined and implemented by IPPF.  

As a leading advocate and service provider for safe and legal abortion, IPPF has compiled a list of resources and guidance to complement the database related to global abortion laws and policies, WHO guidelines on safe abortion and access to other organizations working to make abortions safe. Links to these resources are available in the External Resources section of  

The database initially includes information on medical abortion commodities in 89 countries; it will be updated regularly with information on commodities in additional countries, and to reflect changes as necessary. IPPF welcomes feedback, information and updates on the availability of quality medical abortion commodities. 

For more information, or to provide feedback and updates, please contact

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